Saturday, April 13, 2013

What's a raccoon?

Today (Friday) I went to two English classes in the morning, one was 5th grade and the other was 6th. In the first class, they are talking about present progressive tenses. They did a few exercises to practice and one of the sentences had raccoon in it. One boy asked what that was and another boy said it was something to mop your kitchen with. The teacher corrected him but he seemed so serious about his answer haha. Next Wednesday, I will be teaching a full lesson to this class. We will review present progressive tenses. This class was 6th grade. 

The second class also talked about tenses but they talked about simple present, simple past, present perfect and going to future. They completed a few exercises and played a vocab game. On monday will play a review game with them because they have a test on Thursday. This class was 5th grade. 

The school system is very different than America's. Everyday I learn something new about the school system and the culture. The students do not have the same class every week, like in America. For example, The 5th grade class I was with today, only has English Monday, Thursday and Friday. They also have art, music and sports (PE), like America. 

Afterwards, all seven of us, along with Heike, went downtown to meet the major. We took pictures with major and the press was there. I felt almost famous haha. Then we went upstairs with the major for a meet and greet. He welcomed us to the city and thanked the Headmaster of Anne-Frank and our host-families. Then we drank coke out of the bottle and took more pictures. 

We went back to school and ate lunch. Lunch is always the same, pasta, pizza and salad. But it is familiar and the sauces change and it is always good. 

I then tutored a different 6th grade english class. It was Mary, JD and me in the same class. The students rotated between us. We had each group for 25 minutes. My group had to write and speak in English. They had to fill in the sentences. For example, On Saturdays I .... I really enjoyed doing this and this whole experience has taught me a lot about myself and how students learn. Also, the students taught me how to say the days of the week. They sound very similar: Montag,  Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sontag.

After school, I went into town with my host mom and sister. We went to the jewelry shop and then walked around. It is the same place Emily and I went to on Wednesday.  Below you will find a picture of the old town hall. It is also the first brick/stone building built in Werne. 

Tschüss for now! 

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