Thursday, April 11, 2013

My first experiences in Germany

Hallo from Germany!!

I made it safe and sound to Germany with only few scary moments. We left Nashville around 7pm central time and landed in Chicago. As soon as we got there we had to race to our gate. While walking there really fast, the four of us watched the Louisville/Michigan game, as we watched the TVs as we passed by. We then got the plane for London. The flight was 8 hours long. On the chair in front of me, was a small TV. You could watch movies, TV shows, listen to music and play video games. At first my screen didn't work, so Emily was nice enough to share hers. We met Kim, one of the 10 flight attendents, who was originally from Bowling Green, Ky.  Thankfully, she was able to reset my TV. We ate chicken and rice for dinner and had a muffin for breakfast. We then landed in London after circling the airport in the air for 30 minutes. All I wanted to do was get off the plane.

Once we landed in London the madness started. There were people everywhere, so many different languages spoken and so many different hallways, terminals and areas to go to. The airport was HUGE! After looking at the monitor for 5 minutes, we finally figured out we had to go to terminal 5 but we were in terminal 3. We followed the signs for terminals 5 and after weaving through the hallways, we found a line for the bus. We rode the bus to terminal 5. That took about 10 minutes. We got off the bus, there was a lady standing there with a sign that said Dusseldorf,  whic was the airport we flew into in Germany. I never moticed how slow I walked until I got there. She walked super fast through the terminal and then handed us an orange pass. We have to go through sercurity again :/ After going through sercurity, we had to find our gate.... everything was in another languag. All of the employees had purple on. Since our lady wasn't with us anymore, we did not know where to go. A young gentlmen in purple noticed we were lost and he asked to help us. He then showed us which gate we were going to.   We got to the gate but it said Gate Closed. I went up the desk and asked them if we were in the righ place and he informed me we were. The plane was just late.

We got on the plane and I sat all the way in the back. Thankfully the flight was only on hour. I was so ready to get off the plane and the crying toddler behind me did not help. During the whole trip I only slept 2 hours. Once we got to Germany, I found all my lugage a
nd then we found Heike. I have hever been so happy to be off a plane and to see a familiar face. Heike is one of the teacheres here in Germany, and she is incharge of the program and us while we are here.

We had to drive another hour to Werne and Heike drove over 100 mph on the autobon. It was scary! I then met my family and I love them. They are so sweet and always make sure I have everyhing I need. Monika is the mom, Peter is the Dad, Karla is the sister and Henning is the brother. Karla is 18 and Henning is 19. They also have a small dog who is loveable.

Yesterday was my first day at school. We took a tour of the school, Heike showed us how to get lunch and then we talked about a few things. I am with Mrs. Kolberg, who teaches English and Biology. I observed her 6th grade English class. I helped them write their ficitionally stories. It was tricky trying to  figure out what they were talking about but we mangagd. It was actuallt a lot of fun. We then ate lunch as a group (there are seven WKU students). Emily and I then went to the travel agency to book our train to Paris. Heike then left us in downtown Werne while she went to the doctors. We went to a cafe where they had WiFi but we had to order someting. We both odered Coke because we couldn't read the menu haha. We then paid and left. We were not sure if we should leave a tip but we wacthed the people around us. They did not leave one so we did not either. Heike later told us we did not need too. We then walked around and then went to an ice cream shop where she said she would meet us. The ice cream was awesome! We had chocolate and Vanilla. Heike took Emily home and then me. I have a key for the front door but I could not get the door open. Heike had to help me haha. I was turning the key the wrong way and pulling the door instead of pushing. Later on that night Karla gave me lesson on how to open the door. I felt dumb. I also went to the gorcery store yesterday afternoon with Monika and Karla. We got some non sparkling water. Thats all they drink and it taste bad. The sparkling water my family gave me had a lot of bubbles. I made the water "flat" and then it tasted normal. The store was just like Aldi's in America.

Today, Thursday April 11th, I observed Mrs. Kolberg's biology class and then talked about the reproduction system. The pictures were very interesing and the kids couldnot stop laughing. Ind the students were making wooden sculptures.  Then after lunch, Heike took Emily and I back to my house. She is going to eat dinner with us tonight and then Monika is going to take her home. I will write mre to youall later.


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